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About Me

  Being a bit Autumnal

I was apparently born a twin boy at 11.05 pm on the 23rd of December 1950 in London UK. This state of affairs existed until 02.08 am on the 27th of August 2005 when I appeared on the scene overnight. As I am a girl this has caused several complications, most of which have involved getting my real gender sorted out. I finally achieved this on January 24th 2007 in Thailand. My name is Siobhan Jena Peal - and as far as can be ascertained my condition is virtually unique as I am tetragametic chimera - put simply both male and female hence true androgyne.

My unique state is that I seem to be intimately involved with time rather than space and appear to have the ability to control the perception of how fast time is passing on those around me based on energy flow. This has lead me to being named an intuitive Feng Shui Master by the Chinese although I know nothing about the practicalities of Feng Shui - but I am honoured to be known as 'The White Tigress with The Blue Dragon'.

Part of the Celtic belief system was that certain individuals were charged with observing the world to ensure that reality existed and was stable. I recognize that for whatever reason I am one of those individuals and hence Guardian of Time.  I am still learning what I can really do as I appear to be a mirror on a persons soul. Many people cannot look me in the eyes. This is so sad as everyone has the ability within them to accept themselves.

I had to accept myself utterly and has resulted in my state where everything is in balance. Philosophically speaking my own view is that the Universe is the Creator so that if you are at one with yourself and the Universe you are at one with your maker. The nearest description relating to what I have actually experienced is Hermetic Thought. This concept originates with Plato and describes the two different sides of the mind. One side links with reality, the other side links to the information field under reality. This seems to match the current views on quantum mechanics and the structure of the universe.

If you feel that perhaps I might be able to help you find your own path and you would like to talk to me then please feel free to do so - just have a look at my Contact Me page for more information. I fear the state of being entangled in time leads me to be immensely sensitive to how people perceive and react to me - sometimes it is emotionally too much and I have to decline - this is no reflection on you the individual but rather on myself as I am still learning to cope with it and have such a great deal to learn.

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